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Germany, Leipzig

Leipzig – visit to G2 gallery

G2 Kunsthalle, located in a former processing building of the KGB, shows that ‘ugly’ buildings from the 80’s can be turned into something beautiful again. It now houses a high-quality exhibition space with some amazing contemporary art.

G2 kunsthalle leipzig

Spacious interior of G2 Kunsthalle

The art shown, is that of collector Steffen Hildebrand, in real life a real estate investor. He started collecting art from an early age, infected by his father who gave him art pieces when he was still a young boy. Now, his collection has grown to about 4.000 pieces of art. Some of them so large, that he can not hang them in his own house. Instead of putting his art in a depot, or give it away to a museum, he decided to open his own art museum.  In 2015 G2 Kunsthalle opened her doors to visitors.The bright white 1000m2 space shows a part of his collection and regularly changes. Especially the smaller works rotate throughout the year. The large paintings by, among others, Neo Rauch and Matthias Weischer are permanently hanging in the exhibition space.

Anka Ziefer, the manager of the collection also organizes temporary exhibitions in the G2 gallery. These exhibitions combine works from Hildebrand’s private collection with borrowed pieces.


Although Steffen Hildebrand does not claim to follow a particular style, you will experience a certain preference when walking through the exhibition space. Artists from Leipzig have a head start to be included in his collection, especially if they follow the style of the Neue Leipziger Schule. Many of his collected artworks are not unambiguous, but raise questions or challenge you to reflect on their meaning. See the photos underneath for some examples.

And anyone who thinks that he mainly collects paintings is wrong. Photographs, sculptures, installations and works on paper are also included in his collection.

Neo Rauch G2 kunsthalle Leipzig

Neo Rauch – das treffen – 2013

G2 Kunsthalle Leipzig

Another painting from Hildebrand’s private collection

G2 kunsthalle Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno – M82 M+I – 2014

G2 Kunsthalle Leipzig

From the temporary exhibition in July 2018. Edgar Leciejewski, Wand 08.09.2017

Leipzig G2 kunsthalle exhibition

From the temporary exhibition in February 2018. Artwork by Andrea Bowers- Papillon Monarque- 2014

G2 kunsthalle Muhr leipzig

Drawing made with pencil Bastian Muhr – O.T. – 2015

Plan your visit

The gallery is open to the public on Wednesdays from 15.00 – 20.00,  the same day that most other art museums have extended opening hours.

Furthermore, guided tours are given in German or English on several occasions during the week. Follow the link to their website for the most recent timetable of their tours. Looking for a tour in another language or want a private tour? Please contact them via e-mail.

Admission is 5 euros, students (under 27 years) can go in for 3 euros. Children under the age of 14 do not pay an entrance fee.

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