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Latvia – Visit to Pedvale Open Air Art Museum

Open Air museum Latvia

Not knowing what to expect from an Latvian open-air art museum in the middle of nowhere, I went through their gate without expectations. When leaving the premises of the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, I was stunned by the beauty of the artworks placed so carefully in the landscape.

A walking route guided me through the park, and a brochure with an excellent map explained what I was looking at and by whom it was made.  I spent hours wandering through the park taking in the nature, the 150 different artworks and just enjoying myself.

Ojãrs Feldberg, a known Latvian sculptor and artist, founded this museum just outside the small town of Sabile. In 1991 he bought the 100 hectares of land with its diverse landscape of slopes, rolling hills, meadows, forests, streams and some old houses. He lives and works on the terrain of the museum, inviting other artists to join and create artworks for the art museum. He, himself, prefers to work with stone. At the museum entrance you will encounter many of his unfinished projects.

The museum’s website mentions: The museum conceptually integrates the artistic and cultural heritage and the natural setting into a unified whole. The requirement for participating artists is that they incorporate their works into the unique settings of the natural environment. Artists working at the museum are encouraged to draw their inspiration from nature and to use local materials.

You can visit the Pedvale Open-air art museum every day from 10.00 – 16.00 and until 18.00 between May and October. A ticket costs 3 euro for adults. More information about the museum you can find at Pedvale Open-air art museum website.

After my visit to the Pedvale Open-air Artmuseum, I lost the brochure with all the artworks. So no references to the different works, my apologies to the different artists.

For my travelblog, I wrote several articles about my visit to the Baltic States, including Latvia. They are written in Dutch, but the website has an integrated Google Translator, so you can read the articles in your own language or English.

For my visit to Sabile and the Pedvale Open-air Museum, I used Kuldiga as our base. More about this town and region, you can at


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